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Research Subjects

Last-modified: 2015-11-01 (Sun) 09:53:11 (2892d)
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Research Subjects

Ueno laboratory currently studies following research subjects.

Layered materials

  • Exfoliation of layered materials as MoS2, graphite, etc.
  • Fabrication of novel thin-film FET using exfoliated layered materials.
  • Van der Waals epitaxy - Heterowpitaxy of layered materials.

Organic thin films

  • Fabricationof in-plane ordered organic FET.
  • Low-voltage organic FET on anodized Ta2O5 gate dielectric.
  • Ambipolar pentacene FET on PVA-coated Ta2O5 gate dielectric.
  • Investigation of in-plane anisotropy of organic polymer thin film.
    Anisotropic PDT thin film
    Fabrication of an in-plane ordered polythiophene thin film on a step-bunched Si(111) surface.


  • Imprinting periodic nanostructures on polymer films using step-bunched vicinal Si(111) mold.
  • AFM nanolithography on H- or GaSe-terminated Si(111) surface.